Whom to Rent out Your Apartment to – Bachelors or Family?

 This is one of the most burning questions now, and maybe a painful one for folks that are single, particularly bachelors. In the Indian context, "bachelor" standing is undesirable when it comes to finding lodging. Never mind that the exact men and women who refuse to rent out their luxury apartment to them are sympathetic towards their own offspring fighting with the identical problem abroad or in a different city!   

Whom to Rent out Your Apartment to - Bachelors or Family?

Let us examine various aspects of this matter, and how it can be solved, or at the very least, reduce the discrimination from leasing out to bachelors.

Why is it that people say NO to rent out to bachelors?

Some of the most common motives and assumptions why bachelors are seen as "poor" tenants are:

Bachelors don't care about keeping a clean apartment or making sure it remains in good shape. This includes the frequent area.

They play loud music, have noisy parties that run late into the night, disturbing the peace in the community and making a nuisance. They do not care about their neighbors and their own feelings.

Bachelors are conducive to the heterogeneous nature of the apartment complex. They ignore the needs of families with kids. They have pool parties and throw their beer bottles around with scant respect for others.

They squander valuable resources. Have a 3BHK for instance. A normal household has 3-5 members however the identical area is usually occupied by 6 bachelors, with two per bedroom. This obviously results in higher water intake, placing a strain on the water source in addition to the sewage processing.