The Residential Interior Design

Time is the significant component that gets overlooked in the majority of residential interior design jobs shown on tv. The real implementation of this job is revealed in fast forward speed. From the time 22 minutes are up, the tasks are tied up well. You rarely find the designer sourcing furnishings or fabrics. The transactions are always available. Budget is never discussed.

Pandering to the whims of socialites possessed of too much money to their good might have typified yesterday’s interior designer. Their customers’ most noticeable characteristic was an idle moment. Times change. Today’s residential interior designer’s typical clients have a complete lack of time and a lot of requirements on what little time they’ve got.



These individuals chunk life down to a size that they can handle. In style, this translates into a mansion makeover, but a room at one time or a condominium makeover to suit a specific way of life.

Designer’s customer lists distinctively include doctors and dentists, accountants and attorneys, entrepreneurs and business executives. Their good fortune is that the ability to control their destiny by working hard at their chosen profession. What they all have in common is a lack of time. And busy-ness is their most noticeable attribute.

We’re moving offices to Vancouver in 6 weeks. I bought a condo downtown. I don’t understand my new city that well, but I have been all over searching for furnishings and cannot find anything that meets my standards of comfortable, cheap, and of superior quality.