The Hair Biology Replacement

The evolution of our laboratory and installation of the four research tools helped our company in pinpointing the significant issues and finding the solutions for hair creation and the maintenance of the hair.

We rely on science and technologies to advance our organization and this laboratory helped execute our main objective, which is solving the issues of our business.

The tools give us the information we need for all significant facets of hair fiber research and help us in creating hair care products and our production software. Our firm manufactures raw hair into completed hair extensions and bulk hair for wigs and hairpieces on-site. Our research laboratory is a fundamental part of creating each mechanical and chemical application. Search online today and find all about Hair Thinning & Hair Loss (which is also known as “ Hår gallring & håravfall ” in the Swedish language).




Olympus Microscope

Using the Olympus Microscope with research monitor enables us to test hair fibers down to one cuticle.

With a visual picture, we could detect the hair’s condition and the consequences of chemical processes, deposits left by hair care products and pressures caused by everyday grooming.

With higher magnification, we can see signs of heavy compounds coating and block the cuticle layers, fractures and fractures due to chemicals and grooming and quite importantly when the hair is Remy cuticle or cuticle stripped hair.

Moisture Content Analyzer

A Moisture Content Analyzer determines the impact of hair care products on the hair before and after the evaluation. Additionally, it will detect the results of heavy chemical procedures. This tool will detect the minimal point of moisture in line with the maximum effectiveness of this chemical procedure.