Web Design Rules That Every Website Must Follow

In this article I am going to cover a few web design rules that every web designer must follow. Design your web site with these rules in mind and you are guaranteed to create a great experience for your users. Keep in mind that there isn't one rule that is more important than the other, all the elements need to work together to form a successful website.

As a freelance web designer (see web design Edinburgh for added information) this in turn indicates a variety of things, please allow for me to demonstrate further.  It's all ways good to start out with the navigation of your site. You links play a major role in determining how long a user will stay on your site. If your site has good navigational structure the visitor is more likely to continue browsing your site. 

Complementing your navigational design is a clean layout. It's good to use a lot of white space, because it enhances the look and feel of the site. Your goal is to keep the focus on your content. Other oddly colored graphics, backgrounds and animations will pull the visitors attention away from your content thus causing them to leave your site. Use universal fonts that will be available on most computers, this will prevent your text from looking jumbled on other browsers. 

The internet is gradually moving away from the days of the tabled based web design to pure CSS type websites. CSS is rapidly becoming the norm because of it's accessibility, reusability and it considerably reduces file size. The main benefit to using this format is it gives the designer greater control over the look and feel of your website. 

If possible you will want to minimize the use of flash and other scripts. This hinders your chance of ranking well in search engines and slows down your websites load time. You will also need to consider browser compatibility, and your websites scalability. As technology evolves it will be necessary that you can expand your website as well. 

You are guaranteed to create a positive experience for your visitors if you simply follow the web design rules outlined in this article. If your not responsible for your website, you can print or email this article and forward it to your website designer.

What It Takes To Deliver Affordable SEO Services For Small Business

If there was only one thing that differentiated small business search engine optimisation (SEO) from mid-level and big business SEO, it would undoubtedly be SCALE. Scale in every aspect — from campaigns to goals to target audience, and more importantly (for both the small businesses that require Google SEO services and the professionals who provide them — like me), the budget.

Any decent bunch of website designers will tell you that the budget of small businesses dictates how much capital they can invest in SEO and its many different facets, and because small businesses of course have much more limited resources than mid-level businesses or larger companies, what they need is affordability. They need pure value for their money and that's where dedicated professionals such as myself come in.

Small Businesses, Limited, Budgets, High Aspirations

The foremost priority of SEO is to land a business or website in the top spot of search engine results pages (SERPs). Launching a full and expansive SEO campaign in multiple levels to do so is costly. Small businesses can't afford to invest more than they can gain. Therefore, in terms of scale as a provider of affordable SEO services for small business, I need to balance out the services I provide with the budget of the clientele.

This in no way entails anyone ripping anyone off — it's a delicate balance dictated by realistic figures of return on investment (ROI) and achievable short and long term goals. After all, small businesses should not be limited to small goals, but rather, realistic, achievable ones. Going from nowhere to SERP number one rank is a herculean task, so while realistic, it is achievable as a long or intermediate term goal rather than a short term one. See where I'm going here? SEO for small business is in no way different from SEO for big businesses, but scale dictates everything.  For further information on this check out my blog.

What Affordable SEO for Small Business Entails

The key term here is "affordable." No, it's not cheap, it's affordable. "Cheap" has a negative connotation that we want to veer away from here. Cheap may mean less value, and SEO marketing services, no matter how affordable, deliver one thing: SERP rank, which means more authority, more relevance to targeted keywords, more visibility, and more revenue from organic traffic, nothing cheap there.

Small businesses understand that with limited budgets, they need to choose well when shopping for a service provider.  SEO marketing services often come in packages, and many providers have separate small business SEO packages that businesses with limited budgets can peruse.

To reiterate the point we discussed earlier, what affordable SEO for small business entails is not much different from what SEO for other, larger business entail. But the difference in scale necessitates an adjustment in focus on the part of the small business SEO services provider. As a professional, I always need to keep my eyes on the goal. My deliverable is objective-based, results-oriented performance. What this means is I need to focus on what my clientele needs, and for small businesses that require affordable services, often they need to break into the competitive market and take their share of SERP ranking, for starters, and work their way to the top through both short term and long term goals aligned with their financial capabilities. This is the only way they can gain enough ROI to reinvest into SEO campaigns and expand into specific ones, such as local SEO services to boost their local search rankings and visibility.

What affordable SEO for small business entails is that the provider knows what the small business needs and how to get there given their resources. Obviously, the small business owner or entrepreneur knows what he wants, but what he needs is often an entirely different matter.

Working with Small Businesses

This means a working relationship of transparency and mutually beneficial communication is required. They tell me what they want to achieve, and I show them the needed realistic goals that lead the way to it. It's a rewarding process to see a small business prosper in search optimisation and advance to subsequent levels of Internet marketing.

Aside from showing small businesses what they actually need, there is also a need to help them understand the basics of SEO, local SEO services, and its many facets, at least in a fundamental level. Showing them impressive statistics lacks a certain aspect of transparency and accuracy. Providers need to show RESULTS — statistics show just one part of a bigger picture. What do they imply? How do they affect the bottom-line? Did they help ROI or are they just for show? How can these statistics and findings help with future campaigns and endeavours? How can they be used to better tweak existing content for better SEO?

As a professional provider of affordable SEO services for small business, these are all valid questions I need to address for my clients. These are valid questions that they need to know the answers to. "Affordable" doesn't entail cutting corners. It doesn't mean withholding some aspects of consultation and specialisation. What it does entail is the same as SEO for big businesses: being focused on the goal, which in this case is only lesser in scale, but the same nonetheless.

Delivering Value for Money

So does this mean that I, as the service provider, spend more and earn less? Do I end up using the same amount of resources as I would for a larger project? Not at all. Smaller scale means lesser resources, but my working relationships with clients are by no means "lesser" if they happen to be small businesses. What it takes to deliver affordable SEO services for small business is to provide value for money, making sure businesses reach the goals we set together.

This means that small businesses can expect fair value, profitable ROI, and positive developments for their brand and company in terms of search optimisation, Internet marketing, and inbound marketing. This means that they can rely on "affordable" services if they find the right partner. This means success doesn't need to be overly expensive, but they need (and they CAN) expect value for their money.