Oscar De La Hoya Says Conor McGregor Has ‘Zero chance’ to Beat Floyd Mayweather

Oscar De La Hoya turned into the most recent to rebate Conor McGregor against Floyd Mayweather Jr. at the point when gotten some information about the up and coming battle. 

Solicited to depict the power from McGregor's left hand, which has been his best weapon in blended combative techniques, Malignaggi said there is "pop."He is very brave in the left hand, I can't remove that from him," Malignaggi said. "In boxing, particularly against a person like Floyd Mayweather, you have to devise a couple of more weapons, and I imagine that is what Conor is really going after. I think … coming into this circumstance definitely knowing Conor has a major left hand … you're most likely going to get ready for that left hand. 

De La Hoya disclosed to TMZ Sports that McGregor has "zero chance" to beat Mayweather, while bringing up the way that even he was not able beat Money. 

While De La Hoya tumbled to Mayweather in 2007, he came nearest to beating the undefeated hotshot than any other person, losing by split choice. 

De La Hoya said he wishes McGregor could give Mayweather some opposition however that the main way that could happen is with a "flying kick to the head." 

There will be no kicking on Aug. 26, be that as it may, as McGregor and Mayweather will conflict in an unadulterated bout at T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada. 

The 40-year-old Mayweather will enter the battle with an immaculate expert boxing record of 49-0, while it will be the main star bout of McGregor's vocation. 

In spite of the fact that he is 21-3 in MMA and the ruling UFC lightweight champion, there is little uncertainty that the Irishman is at an unmistakable hindrance. 

His certainty has veiled that amid the work toward the session; in any case, few inside the boxing scene have gone on record as saying McGregor has an opportunity to beat one of the best pound-for-pound boxers ever.

On The Fly: Fans Not Rushing To Buy Tickets For Mayweather Vs. McGregor

The Associated Press reports that few hundred seats stay for the Aug. 26 battle between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Accessible tickets begin — begin! — at $3,500. T-Mobile Arena, incidentally, holds around 20,000 for boxing, so it's not as though nobody will be viewing. Promoters still anticipate that the building will be full, and to set records at the entryway, as per the AP story.

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Floyd Mayweather Sr: Conor McGregor Is ‘Going to Get Whooped’

Floyd Mayweather Sr. said to Conor McGregor is "going to get whooped" by his child, Floyd Mayweather Jr., amid their cross-wear fight one month from now.

On Thursday, TMZ Sports go along remarks the senior Mayweather made about the advertised August 26 session amid a meeting with Helen Yee of NBC Sports Radio.

"On the off chance that Floyd stops him or not—it doesn't have any kind of effect for me," he said. "For whatever length of time that Floyd gives a good old fashioned thumping to him. Furthermore, that is the thing that I accept is going to happen."

Mayweather's dad, who likewise prepares the unbeaten five-division best on the planet, included they as of now have a flawless strategy and stated, "regardless of the possibility that Conor takes care of business, Floyd's going to whoop his butt!"

In spite of the fact that it appears like an enormous crisscross on paper—a standout amongst other boxers in history against a battle contender making the move to another game—not every person trusts it will be a walkover.

Previous heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury made an intense expectation to iFL TV when gotten some information about the battle a month ago.

"I think McGregor will thump him out in the initial 35 seconds, as he'd done to Jose Aldo," he said. "… I think McGregor will do him inside one round. Go ahead, McGregor!"

Las Vegas is less hopeful about the Irishman's odds, however. Mayweather is recorded as a substantial top pick, extending from – 650 (wager $650 to win $100) to – 950, as indicated by OddsShark.

He would move to 50-0 with a triumph over McGregor in his initially battle since September 2015.

At the point when Mayweather took the mic, there was a recognizable absence of vitality in the field. Mayweather's trick in making it rain $1 charges on McGregor didn't get a lot of a response. What did, however, was when Mayweather requested his bodyguards to encompass McGregor, almost making the two sides reach boiling point.

All things considered, however, nothing about the New York stop could be delegated a win. It was that awful.

Mayweather versus McGregor: Behind the scenes of boxing’s billion-dollar bazaar

Inside the movies, one gutsy Irish fan tries to rummage a ticket to the most smoking show of the night by requesting that the agent Google his name – 'then check whether you can dismiss me' – while another cry about flying over from Dublin under the feeling that tickets were accessible at the entryway. Outside, an American Telecaster emulates a slicing movement at his neck to wipe out the recording on a piece to camera that was muffled by green-clad serenades of 'pay your assessments'.

I don't recognize what I was anticipating from the fourth and last leg of Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor's World Tour at Wembley Arena, yet a cross between a Donald Trump rally and a Jeremy Kyle paternity test was not it. To start with Las Vegas, at that point Toronto, before New York and London. Four stops, three nations, and one huge bazaar.

In the event that you've been living on the moon for as long as couple of months, one of boxing's most noteworthy ever contenders, the 49-0 Mayweather, is going up against UFC's most celebrated child, McGregor, in what is being hailed by some as a super fight for the ages and ignored by significantly more as a futile scene that downgrades the two games.

The Irishman, a blended military craftsman, can't kick, knee or elbow and is transferred to only four dividers, not the eight of the octagon. He can just utilize his clench hands against maybe the best protective boxer ever. Each ounce of rationale proposes he doesn't have a possibility. 'Be that as it may, suppose he does,' says one McGregor supporter. 'It would just take one great punch. Simply envision.'

That specific dialect and talk have undermined to eclipse what has been a generally fascinating – and regularly very odd – arrangement of trades. On Friday night, the two men entered to blazing lights and blasting music before a rowdy and, should we say, very much hydrated group. It resembled Michael Jordan entering the court to go up against the Monstars in Space Jam, just the ball coordinate had been supplanted by a kind of comic drama cook go head to head; a duel for the talking era.