Three Pest Control Ideas For Eastern suburbs Melbourne

If you live in Melbourne, you will unquestionably seek the services of pest control Eastern suburbs, Melbourne. This is because everyone living in these areas will need to keep the pests out at various times. 

Most pests love summer weather. Hence, during summertime, pests can damage your food or upset you at night. Also, during the cooler months, mice and termites can evade your home. 

From ants to rats, nothing is unappealing as pest infestation. Happily, there are many pest control methods that residents of Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne can use. Most of these methods are effective, safe and environmentally friendly. 

pest inside a home

3 ways on how to prevent pests from being in your home

1. Hygiene control 

Most pests invade homes for food. Therefore, there are few pests on clean places. To prevent some of the pests from entering your house, start by not leaving food for them to grow and reproduce. Practicing good hygiene is one of the recommended ways that can help to control pests at home or office. Ensure you clean up after meals and throw the leftover food in the trash bin. Then make sure the bin is wrapped.  

Also, wash and always dry the dishes after using them, keep the floor, stoves and other households clean. Your compound should be clean as well. Ensure all the septic tanks, holes around the pipes and drains are well sealed. Marinating a healthy and a clean living is the first step to prevent pests from evading your house. 

2. Biological control

Although this strategy is mostly used in greenhouses, you can practice it at your home. For you to use biological control, you need to introduce natural enemies of the pests. You can have predators or pathogens introduced to interfere with the pests’ ability to bread. Some insects do feed on the larvae of the pests. The biological control method is safe and effective for your home and plants. However, skills are needed for this method to be successful. 

3. Seeking professional services

If your home is already overwhelmed by pests, the best and the most recommended way that will ensure you completely get rid of all the pests in your house is seeking expert's help. One of the advantages of seeking professional help is that they are experts who can be able to get rid of all pests. In addition, hiring an expert is more cost effective. Although at first, it might seem expensive, it is very cost-effective in the long run. 

Also, the professionals know how to work with various pest control chemicals. They know how to mix the chemical and the best ones for every pest. 


Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne is known for pest infestation. Since most people want to seek ways that are affordable and effective, going for professional help is the best option. If you have already tried other ways but the pests keep coming back, you need to bring in the experts. The company has experience, skills and gadgets to get rid of all pests. They have tools that can work effectively and cause no harm to you and your family.

Pre purchase pest inspection is crucial


People look at the property size, its specifications, locations and such things when they consider buying one. However, not many think about getting a pre purchase inspection for pests. People who look out for purchasing existing properties must call for pest inspection to ensure that the place is not under any pest attack. Just in case, there are pests in the property, they can schedule for a pest removal so that their belongings are safe from pest damage. The property seller must be cautious and remove all pests before selling the space/property.

100% pet and child friendly chemical usage

People mostly avoid pest control in fear that the chemicals used may affect the health of children and pets. The pest control sprays are free of harmful chemicals and do not harm anyone. The pest control activity can be carried out in one day leaving the space fit for people to stay. Earlier, the sprays would be so strong that it was unfit for humans and it would take a few days to get rid of the stench.

Bait stations for people who wish to avoid chemicals

Bait stations are a simpler method to remove pests. The process might be lengthy and time consuming but it is the best option for those who do not want to use chemicals in the property. The bait stations help trap pests and get rid of them at once.

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