Guns of Booms tips and tricks

If you are a beginner, then you might be facing some problems in surviving in the hard globe of internet gaming. When it comes to games like Guns of Boom and Call of Duty one needs a lot of expertise and practice to make your presence. Remember, every pro was once a Newbie.

In this section, we are going to share some Guns of Boom Hack and cheats and tricks that will advantage you in your quest to become a pro.

Don't be too quick

Yes, this one is contradicting the primary tip but let me clarify. Only having the quickest reflexes is not going to support you. You need to decide when to shoot and when to wait. It is not a perfect move to shoot anything that comes in your FOV.

If your rival is going to take the cover and you noticed him don't fire him because if he took the cover before you killed him, then he will be alert of your attendance and might kill you. Instead, it is better to keep your sight on the rival and kill him from behind.

Better your reflexes

It is the game of reflexes. The quickest guy lives, and the slower one die. You need to react fast  to the situations and have to think quick to survive in this game.

Teamwork pay off

Yeah rushing seems to be a perfect idea but believe me it is not a perfect move. Stay with your team and cover other users. Although it is not rule of thumb, you have to think according to the condition.

If you pick to rush, then you should be alert of the map and the places where the enemies are present. You can even premake the places from where your rival comes.

Use the guns of boom hack

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