Listening To Harp Music For Relaxation

We all have our own ways of staying stress free and to be relaxed. Some have unhealthy habits that keep them rooted to this earth and not float off into stress. Such as smoking, drinking and other which have the same line of thought. Not meaning to judge because everyone has their own style, but why not do something else that does not require you to inject horrible things into your body? Like listening to harp music for relaxation.

Ah, music has always been the one thing that young people cling to when they do not want to be tethered to much by their fellow humans. Understandable, really. Music settles within us a little bit more than ordinary words do. Maybe it has something to do with the voices, the melodies or the instruments?

Still, they do their job, really. They make us hyped up enough to want to do something exciting. Some make us want to cry because it would just hit us way too close to home. Maybe the singer or the instrument layer is just really that good that they resonated with us way too much?

Sometimes it is just the instruments themselves that work. Simple strumming can do that but most of the time it is really the talent of the player. In the way, they play the instruments and their talent in making us feel things, you know? It must be psychological. Yeah, it most probably is at this point.

There is even a certain music called Weightless by Marconi Union. It is said to be the song to help people with anxiety. It reduces it at some point though there might be comments saying that it made the anxiety worse. But the majority have been helped by it. It has something to do with the chords that struck in our brains, making us relax.

Now listening to the harp, now that is something. Just listening to the strings make sounds that somehow turn into something so beautiful and breathtaking will definitely get you to loosen up. Hough, personally, we prefer the piano but that is just probably our bias talking, considering Suga from BTS plays it so beautifully.

But the point still stands. Music CAN and WILL help in a lot of ways. Whether you are the listener or the one behind it and creating the melodies. It is kind of therapeutic to be behind all of that though. We guess this is why the talented ones out there really pour their heart into it because not only is it rewarding, but also therapeutic just playing.

As we have said, we really must reiterate this. Everyone, and we mean, everyone, has different ways on how to keep them stable whether mentally or emotionally. Music is healthier, yes, but if it really does not work for you then try something else. Anything. Just to keep you sane for at least another few days.

Heaven knows we all need the help we can get. That can be music, or drugs and much preferably, food. But some even have them all together so there is that.