Why You Should Start With Cardio?

A lot of the times when people want to lose weight, they use lifting heavy weights. This often leads to severely sore muscles that make it harder for them to move let alone workout the next day. This is why it is considered important that people refer to experts before starting any extensive work out routine unauthorized. A lot of the experts therefore, recommend and say it is imperative to begin with entirely cardio workouts. This is true whether you are at home or have joined a Muay Thai fitness program. Here is why:

Courtesy-Beyond Fashion Magazine

  1. Doing cardio pumps up the entire body. It works by increasing one’s heart rate making it challenging for the body to keep on moving. This increase in heart rate leads to an increase in the metabolism making you sweat and triggering your fat loss process.
  2. Cardio softens the fat. If you begin to strength train without doing cardio first, you might stiffen the muscles making it even harder for you to lose fat. Cardio softens the fat enabling you to shed the extra weight and weights are then used to tone the muscles up.
  3. Cardio helps in increasing the stamina. This ensures that you can push yourself to the next level each time you pick up a weight.

This is why it is essential to ease your body into a workout and then begin challenging it with each passing day. Start with a good cardio routine and take it from there.