Protect Your Garden From feral Cats

Wouldn’t life be more splendid if feral Cat will stop rampaging in your garden? The first thing you have to do is to secure your fences. Since feral Cats are inquisitive and cunning, even little gaps in your fences could be an opportunity for them to enter into your garden.

Feral Cat is also lithe and agile so it can jump over fences. Mounting a taut wire over your fence is sensible since this will stop them from jumping over. In this type of situtaion you can contact feral cat trapping services.If you want some more information about feral cat trapping you can visit

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Once your feral Cat enters your garden, it may be difficult to make it move out. However, there are methods to get it out of there. As we all know, dogs dislike feral Cats so most people use dogs to scare away feral Cats in the garden. Some breeds of dogs that are effective are Dobermans and Pit Bull.

If you do not have dogs around, squirting water towards the feral Cat can frighten it away. A water hose and a bucket of water are the most basic things you need for this technique. If one squirt of water is not enough, do it again and again until it takes the hint. Aside from a bucket and a garden hose, you can also use a sprinkler. In a local hardware store, you can purchase a motion activated sprinkler that is also effective in driving out feral Cats.