Special Smoothie For Children

Many children hardly love to have vegetables and fruits in their diet. Usually, parents always look worried when it comes to a balanced diet of children. It is very hard to convince children to have more fruits and vegetables in their diet. For this, you can try smoothie which is great in nutrients and essential vitamins. Fruits and vegetables are mixed in proper quantity in a smoothie and you can certainly enhance the taste of it, using different ingredients. There are some recipes which you can use to prepare smoothie particularly for children and give them the perfect combination of taste and health.

There are certain things that you should always remember while preparing smoothies for children. The first thing is that you should use different types of fruits for them. It is better to know about the preference of the children and add that particular flavor to the smoothie. It is also very important to blend all the ingredients properly so that children can drink the smoothies easily without any problem. Normal blenders will not be able to do so. For this, you must use only a top quality smoothie maker.

Children can hardly wait when they are hungry. So you should know about some good smoothie recipes which can be prepared in no time. In order to help you, we are going to explain about a very simple recipe which you can with the help of grapes.

Grape smoothie recipe


–    Half cup of grape juice

–    One-fourth cup of seedless grapes

–    One-fourth cup of pineapple with juice

–    Half cup milk

–    Half cup of ice cubes

Process of making

First of all, take the grape juice and put this in your smoothie maker. Blend for a while and now put rest of the ingredients. Blend everything well until everything gets mixed up properly. Now serve it fresh for the best taste.