Questions You Should Ask Carpet Cleaning Firms You’re Thinking Of Hiring

Before you just pick up the phone or log online and schedule a carpet cleaning appointment, there are some things that you shoud get to know about the company. Just because they advertise carpet cleaning doesn't mean they're that great at it. Rather, by asking the series of questions below, you can find out whether or not a potential carpet cleaning firm is right for your needs. 

  1. When setting up a contract with a carpet cleaning firm, you want to get it in writing. This will allow both you and the company to clearly understand what is expected. From the services that they're going to perform for you to the amount that you're going to pay them, you should have it stated in writing before you ever agree to service.
  2. Free estimates are one of the most popular things that companies offer, such as the firm at This will help you, as a homeowner, understand more about what you're being charged and why. Most people don't realize how different obstacles, such as stairs, can  alter the price for a service. By having a professional carpet cleaning company come out to your location, you can get a clear idea of what you're going to be charged and why. 
  3. The last question you really should ask a potential carpet cleaning firm is whether or not their employees are IICRC certified. This stands for the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. That's a lot of fancy words that mean the equivalent of a carpet cleaning degree.