Popular uses of Lanyards


Lanyards have become quite popular thanks to the variety ways it can be used. Lanyards are used by many corporate employees, students, conference or event attendee and therefore, it showcases its versatility everywhere. These are some of the unique uses of Lanyards.

1. Key Holders –There’s always a risk of losing keys. A lanyard is used to hold keys and you can use them to keep your keys safely. Now you know exactly where to look for your keys.

2. Phone Holder – Lanyard’s are also beneficial to hold our phones. Often many times, we forget where we keep our phones. Therefore, lanyard helps to hold of your phone with the help of a clip. Phone lanyard come in the form of one loop attaching to the phone and the other to the lanyard.

3. Compass Holder – We require compasses while exploring the outdoors or hiking. It becomes annoying to reach out to our pockets, or backpack just to remove a compass. Therefore, use of a lanyard helps hold the compass as it stays connected to our neck.

4. Pen Holder – Similar to keys, a pen can be easily lost. With the help of lanyard, pens can be easily found. It isn’t necessary that using your pen requires removing the lanyard continuously. There’s an attachment that helps you to use the pen while the lanyard is attached to the neck.

Lanyards have a lot of uses and the industry is booming on a large scale.