On The Fly: Fans Not Rushing To Buy Tickets For Mayweather Vs. McGregor

The Associated Press reports that few hundred seats stay for the Aug. 26 battle between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Accessible tickets begin — begin! — at $3,500. T-Mobile Arena, incidentally, holds around 20,000 for boxing, so it's not as though nobody will be viewing. Promoters still anticipate that the building will be full, and to set records at the entryway, as per the AP story.

The Yankees won once more, 5-4 over the Rays on a no-outs, bases-stacked single in the ninth by (who else?) Brett Gardner. That is six of every a column, eight of nine and nine of 11. The Bombers are 11-5 since the All-Star break, compensating for the hopeless extend that went before it. … The Dodgers are truly something, 72-31 and champs of six of every a line heading into Saturday's amusement against the Giants. What's more, now there's news Clayton Kershaw may come back from damage significantly sooner than anticipated, possibly this week. … Tracy McGrady, who one month from now will be into the Basketball Hall of Fame, safeguarded his resume, which does exclude an NBA title. His incredible quote that showed up on masslive.com: "Web-based social networking can give many individuals voices nowadays, and the primary thing they say is 'No rings, no rings.' You need to have an awesome group and some fortunes to get a ring, isn't that so? Sadly, I wasn't honored with that. In any case, I backpedal at them with this: Anybody can win a title. Everyone can't get in the Hall of Fame."

A few days after examinations uncover some unnerving connections between playing football and CTE, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson advised espn.com that he'd jump at the chance to play 25 years. That is 21 more. See, we respect the devotion of folks like Wilson, the backbone of folks like Tom Brady. However, we likewise don't accuse the expanding number of players who are resigning in their mid-20s, referring to long haul wellbeing concerns. … The UConn football group hit the training fields interestingly Saturday evening. To begin with, amusement and first East Hartford rear end is a month from Thursday. … In the event that this was keeping you up during the evening: Falcons collector Julio Jones put some rumors to rest by telling columnists, in opposition to reports, he had not employed a plunge group to search for a $150,000 stud he lost while fly skiing in Lane Lanier.