Need Of Professional Turntables

Effectively position tons with ease with professional turntable solutions from arrange production systems

Align Development Systems’ line of professional turntables managed with efficiency, better ergonomics, and worker security in mind.

With over 50 years of experience in building heavy work professional equipment, Align development Systems’ turntables are available in an array of standard configurations, or can be made to integrate with your specific application.

Find out more about turntable offering and options:

Standard turntable types & choices

Heavy duty turntables air caster turntables

An air caster turntable is fixed with Air float air caster technology, which creates an air film involving the bottom and the top, making the turntable practically scrubbing free, reducing the damage. Our air caster turntable is also suitable for high-speed applications.

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Custom professional turntables mechanical turntables

Mechanical turntables are outfitted with a more traditional drive unit, and can even utilize a slewing bearing and tires for heavy loads.

Industrial motorized turntable is ideal for welding and industrial worktables, product displays, material handling stands, etc.

The mechanical professional turntables are a great substitute for our air caster turntables in outdoor environments, or for areas that do not need air connections.

Tops turntable  choices

Align Production Systems offers our turntables with several top options. We offer our standard professional turntables with whether round top and square top.

Each of our standard turntables can be fixed with risers, center partitioning, corner angle locators, cone-shaped locators, and rack detectors