Lawn Care Tips for Your Yard


We all love to have a yard consisting of green lawns. With that idea, keep in mind; it is difficult to keep them looking best. A lawn needs regular maintenance and cleaning. If not maintained properly then it can look awful with weeds growing on the lawn. These tips will help you to maintain your lawn, make it look green and beautiful during the summer.

1. Remove those Weeds, Thatch and Moss –These items prevent the growth of grass.

  1. Weeds –They appear everywhere in the garden via footwear, clothes, pets or birds. The best way to remove them is by hand,toolsor less toxic herbicide.
  2. Thatch – They are organic matter found on the layers of leaves and soil. Thatch prevents essential nutrients and air getting in to the soil. These can be removed by a process called scarification, with the help of tools like lawn scarifier.
  3. Moss –They are the worst enemy of lawn. They live in conditions like excess moisture, shade and low quality. Moss prevents grass from growing if not treated.

2. Use Aeration Process – Aeration is a process which is essential to gain important nutrients for the grass to grow. Aeration allows air and water to penetrate directly to the roots of grass.

3. Improve Drainage – If drainage isn’t improved then it can lead to waterlogging for few hours or even days. This can cause the grass from growing to its full potential.

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