How To Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground Apps In Windows

Are you prepared to prefer foreground applications functioning faster in your Windows 10 OS? Simply read the post to see how to accomplish.

Adjust for best performance for foreground programs By Control Panel

  • As soon as you sign in Windows 10 by using admin or account with admin privileges, press Windows + X to start Quick Access menu. Just click Control Panel option on the menu to open Control Panel.
  • You can also open Control Panel by typing Control Panel in Start Menu search and hit enter.

1st Step:

  • Go to "System Properties settings" through Control Panel.
  • Just click “System and Security” in Control Panel and tap on “System” in "System and Security” display.
  • In upcoming System display, click the advanced system settings feature into the left pane to start System Properties dialog.

Second Step:

  • Adjust Performance configurations for foreground applications.
  • Press on Advanced tab in System Properties option, and click Settings under Performance.
  • In pop-up Performance Options dialog, just click advanced tab once more, and check Programs to "Adjust for perfect performance of Software programs".
  • Just click “Apply” and “Ok” to close.

In most cases this selection is specified by default, generally you do not need to modify it and your Windows has been configured to give better preference to software programs in windows.

By following this tech guide, you can simple set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps in most versions of windows OS.