How to Choose a Vacation Destination for Your Pet

Can you plan your holiday around your pets? Do you and your partner take separate vacations because somebody needs to be home to look after the dogs? Would you rather relax in your home with the dogs than take a trip somewhere and then be concerned about them while they are in someone else's care, or because you would miss them too much?

Ever stand in the doorway and watch while the puppies are gently amusing themselves and the children are hurling a thousand distinct questions and needs at you, “can we go, can I have, take me, when are you going to take me, when can we go, how much is that, how long is that" and wonder if perhaps you need to board the children and take the puppy boarding rather than vice versa?

How to Choose a Vacation Destination for Your Pet

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Boarding a puppy — or some other pet — used to mean leaving it at the vet's or at a facility where it could be kenneled that the vast majority of the time with limited exercise intervals, usually composed of a brief walk, often scheduled feedings and maybe a modicum of grooming maintenance.

That's all changed! Even vet practices that board are making it a practice to be more interactive with the animals in their care than they were previously, partially because we, as pet owners, expect and need it and partially because it is now more widely recognized that interaction, affection, and stimulation are very important to the health and wellbeing of most pets.