Green Smoothies on the Road to Better Health

Making changes towards a healthier green life does not have to be as dramatic as you might think. You can take the first step to better health by consuming just one green smoothie a day. Time Out. I already know what you're thinking "Why would anyone want to drink that. It looks disgusting!" Yes. It looks less than appetizing but the benefits are endless. From naturally treating chronic ailments to improving your general overall health, you are bound to feel great by introducing this surprisingly tasty drink into your daily diet. Read on and see how easy it is to incorporate green smoothies into your routine.

What is so great about the Green Smoothie?

The most important ingredient in a green smoothie is the green leafy vegetables that you put in it. These veggies belong to the cruciferous family and have proven to be crucial for our everyday health. Dark green leafy veggies are packed with vitamins (A, K, C, folate), minerals (potassium, manganese, iron), phytochemicals and fiber which are all vital to proper body function and overall health as talked about in the article "Cruciferous Vegetables" from

Various medical websites such as in an article posted called "Super Veggies: Cruciferous Vegetables" agree that nine servings of fruits and vegetables is recommended for daily consumption. Of that nine, on average we only consume 1/3 of that on a day to day basis, if that. That's right only three servings. Why aren't we consuming the right amounts of nutrients to stay healthy? To some, vegetables just don't taste good, plain and simple. Others feel as though it is impossible to eat all of that in one day. Luckily that is where green smoothies come in handy. By blending your greens, it is a quick and painless way to get your full servings for the day and by adding fruit you won't even believe you're eating your veggies!

What do I need to get started?

Unlike other so-called routes to becoming healthy, starting on your green smoothie regimen can be fairly simple and inexpensive. All you need is a blender, your greens (a bunch of kale for example can be purchased for just over a dollar), fruit to mask the taste (bananas and berries are great for this), and a liquid to help mix (water works fine). Yup that's it! Now you may be thinking, ok I have all that, how should I know what to mix together. The internet is filled with tons of great tasting smoothie recipes so just browse the web and see which ones seem most appealing to you. The great thing about these smoothies is you get to be creative. While you may feel more comfortable following a recipe when just starting out, don't be afraid to use your imagination. There are so many tasty mixtures that you can come up with so feel free to experiment.

When is the best time to drink this?

Green smoothies are a delicious treat that you can have at any time of day. Victoria Boutenko suggests to her green smoothie followers that they do not consume other foods 40 minutes before or 40 minutes after drinking their green smoothie. According to information posted on her site,, this helps you to get the full nutritional benefit and makes for easy digestion. Others say that this may also help prevent blood sugar spikes that could occur get since the fruits are already broken down by the blender. Though anytime is appropriate to drink this, many find consuming this first thing in the morning is ideal. What better way to break your fast then consuming something yummy that contains the very things that will fuel you throughout your day.

Get Started Today!

Now that you've briefed yourself on the benefits of this nutritious drink, why wait? Go find a recipe and start drinking your way or should I say "smoothing" your way to better health.

Make sure you look out for upcoming articles on which teach you how to use powerful green smoothies to treat chronic ailments such as acne and see how this drink can even aid in weight loss!